About the Founders

Jennifer Rhynes & Matthew Delk, co-founders of Insight Guidance Group

Behavioral Health resonates to the core of our company and is why Insight Guidance Group was founded. We have personally experienced within our own upbringing what happens when behavioral health issues set in. We are dedicated because of our own success stories helping others. Our clients notice a difference in the level of care we offer from their very first visit and continue to receive the highest quality of care throughout their treatment.

Original location on St. John Street where Insight Guidance Group was founded in 2016

Insight Guidance Group is a licensed behavioral healthcare provider. We are located in the heart of Lafayette near the Oil Center and service Lafayette and its surrounding areas. Our Passion is extending our services to help others and uplift our community. Our staff at Insight Guidance group is dedicated and compassionate and strive to provide the highest level of care to our clients. We offer a broad range of behavioral health treatments and services for children over six, teens and adults. 

Our Team

           Jennifer Rhynes

                         Owner and CEO

           Matthew Delk

              Chief Operating Officer

     Houston Champagne

     Licensed Professional Counselor and                        Clinical Director

Stefani Derise

Human Resources Director

Charlotte Frazier

Clinical Coordinator

Michelle Kuchma

Licensed Professional Counselor

Stephen Bilich

Licensed Professional Counselor

Jacolby Jiron

Claims Service Specialist

Damian Matt

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Desiree Drexler

Licensed Professional Counselor